Company Profile

China Ocean Aviation Group Limited (COAG) was founded on the basis of the former China Ocean Aviation Company (COAC) established by the Navy in 1985 and engaged in aviation, ocean transportation and international trade etc. In 1999, in light of the decision from the Party Central Committee that the armed forces are no longer allowed to engage in businesses or manage enterprises, 68 enterprises from 3 bureau-level enterprises and 4 regional enterprise administration bureaus under the Navy were merged into the COAC. As a result, COAG, with its headquarters in Beijing, was founded with its subsidiaries and branches scattered mainly along the coastal regions of China. At that time, its administration right was transferred from the Navy to the Industrial Committee for Central Enterprises and since 2003 it has been administrated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In Feb. 2008, COAG was merged into SINOMACH and became one of its wholly owned companies. At the end of December 2013, China Ocean Aviation Group (COAG) at its corresponding level successfully completed its corporate reconstructing and was renamed as China Ocean Aviation Group Limited (COAG).

COAG is mainly engaged in fields of engineering contracting, international economic cooperation and trade, shipping and aviation, hotels and tourism, real estate development, R&D and manufacturing. COAG avails itself of large construction machineries and engineering boats as well as an experienced group of experts in engineering management and construction and has made great contributions to the construction of military facilities, such as navy ports, docks and airports etc. It can contract the work of survey, design, construction and installation of domestic and foreign sea ports, docks, airports, roads, bridges, industrial and civil buildings and river dredge etc. The shipbuilding dock in Haixi Bay, Qingdao constructed by COAG ranks the first in China and the second in the world in scale and fills the domestic gap of large-scale dock  domestic gap of large-scale dock building. The marine shipping fleet made up of different types of boats can transport oil, foodstuff, ores, chemical products and bulk cargoes for the domestic and foreign customers. The aviation company stock-shared by COAG is able to provide professional helicopter flight services for the offshore oil exploration and development; COAG enjoys the right for dispatch of labors and can dispatch sailors, fishermen and various technical labors to the various countries and regions of the world; COAG has the license of import and export of commodities and its foreign trade customers are distributed to more than 50 countries and regions; COAG has the relevant qualifications and capabilities for real estate development; Its tourist agency, manufacture and processing enterprises as well as dozens of hotels in the coastal cities can provide the high-quality services for all walks of society.

Ever since its establishment, COAG has been optimizing and reorganizing its internal resources and attaching great importance to the technical upgrade and quality management and has successively passed the certification of ISM Rules, GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 etc.