Address from the Chairman

We used to be a military enterprise for support of the socialist modernization construction. In 1999, we followed the instructions from the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission that the armed forces are no longer allowed to run enterprise and engage in businesses, took off our military uniforms and threw ourselves into the big wave of market economy. Now, nearly 20 years have passed and we are continuously writing the magnificent chapter of transform and innovation of COAG with the unremitting pioneering spirit. 

Now, standing at a new start point, COAG will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of military enterprises, take honesty and credit as our foundation, be brave and skillful, and make great efforts to realize the following three objectives: 

-- Try to be an integrated service provider with global influence. Adhere to the diversified business operation pattern of six major business sectors, improve the internal capabilities, enhance the foundations, promote the brand, create the values, consistently accelerate the industrial integration, develop the innovation capability and bring the superiorities of diversified and integrated services into full play.

-- Try to be the forerunner of the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy. Adhere to the “go-globe” strategy, base on the domestic and foreign markets, utilize the two kinds of resources, go with the tide, make active actions and act as the forerunner for the implementation of the national strategy.

-- Try to be the practitioner of the reform of the state-owned enterprises. Adhere to the deepening of the reform of enterprises and pursuit of transform by innovation, further perfect the governance structure, optimize the management and control mode and innovate the system and mechanism so as to make COAG become larger and better.

The struggle road is never smooth. More courage can be embodied by many difficulties and more preciousness can be shown by unremitting work. COAG will continue to adhere to the core value of “Harmony transfers the power and innovation enhances the value”, cherish high aspirations, bear its duties and responsibilities, cooperate with various sectors and step forward to the brighter future.